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Come in an experience fresh in store made bread and pastries with only the very best natural ingredients. made strudels, turnovers, fresh preservative free breads. Our bakery has always had a large selection of Deli Meats, Breads and Pastries. Touch on seasonal Classic's such as Eater Bread, Hotcross Buns, Christmas Panetone's, specialty shaped cookies for st.patricks, valentines, thanksgiving, christmas bears. MORE INFO
Join us for lunch time with our pick and go sandwiches, meat pies and stuffed pastry options. Or Customize your sandwiches with your choice of Bread/Bun and a wide selection of deli meats and cheeses with all of your toppings. Catering is also available for Morning Pastries to lunch time sandwich trays, cheese trays, salads, veggie trays, dessert trays and drinks. Call or email so we can customize your catering order. If you are looking for a more hot and ready meal, with extended notice we are able to put together what you are looking for. Delivery is also available Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 1:00pm. MORE INFO

Come in and join over 250 people with our new rewards program. Our rewards program has a points system to earn towards baked goods, breads and groceries. Over 8675 points have been earned to date from our customers. Ask an employee how you can join today. Select a swipe card or key chain card. Start earning today.

Guelph Storm Raffle Tickets

Friday October 27th vs Erie 7:30pm

Friday November 24th vs Barrie 7:30pm

Friday December 15th vs Kingston 7:30pm

Friday January 26th vs Flint 7:30pm

Sunday February 25th vs Mississauga 4:00pm

Friday March 9th vs Saginaw 7:30pm



Giovanni Stocco, opened up his first Grocery/Deli, Cheese shop 45 years ago in Guelph, Preston and Kitchener called “The Wedge”. Joe moved to a new location that he and his partner, opened up in downtown Guelph, which included a Bakery Shop. Learning the Craft of Baking over 25 years ago, University Bakery and Deli was opened in 1994 as a Bakery retail shop with Groceries, Deli, Cheese, Pastries and Baked Goods.